When is it Time to Buy Replacement Windows?

When is it Time to Buy Replacement Windows?

by | May 15, 2020 | Replacement Windows, Types of Windows | 0 comments

For many parts of your home, it’s easy to tell when something needs to be replaced. The microwave stops working, a mirror breaks, a faucet starts to rust, or some other equally prominent sign shows that you need a replacement. But other problems aren’t quite as obvious. For instance, how can you tell when your windows need a full replacement or just some professional care?

Determining if you need new windows requires a bit more knowledge than other household staples. Problems with a window may not be as obvious or as immediately troublesome as problems with other parts of your home. Learn to identify the warning signs of window trouble and decide how to fix the problem.

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Warning Signs of Window Trouble

Pay attention to how your home feels. Is there always a draft? Are the sounds of a busy neighborhood overwhelming? Does your energy bill never seem to decrease? Even more obviously, do you have to fight to open or shut your windows? Each of these scenarios could be caused by old or damaged windows.

Once you’re sure the problem is caused by your windows, give them a quick inspection. Take note of any visible damage, such as cracked trim or signs of rot, that could be contributing to the problem. Additionally, consider when your home was built. Houses constructed prior to 2003 may still have their original single-pane windows, contributing to low energy efficiency and an overall poor experience for the homeowner. (You can tell if your windows are leaking air by checking for excess dust on the interior windowsill–drafts tend to carry in pollen and dust from outdoors.) You may also struggle to find replacement parts for your windows if you need repairs. Older windows tend to be a lot of trouble. You’ll make your life much easier by simply replacing them with newer models.

Pro Tip: Remodeler’s Magazine research shows that you increase your comfort today but also increase your home’s value enough to recoup up to 70% of the investment in new windows!

The Best Type of Replacement Window

Now that you know your windows need replacing, you have to consider the type of window to transition to. Different sizes and styles are available depending on your preferences and needs. Consequently, there’s no “perfect” type of one-size-fits-all replacement window. Don’t just try to guess which type is best for your home! Talk to your window contractor about which windows are best for energy efficiency, which have the best warranty, and more.

Replacing Your Windows

Aging windows can lead to decreased energy efficiency, leaks that damage your home, lower resale value, and many more problems. Don’t let that happen! Pay attention to how well (or how poorly) your windows are working. If you need a replacement set, the sooner you can get them installed, the better for your home long-term. And remember: the quality of the windows’ installation is just as important as what they’re made of. Stick to a professional window contractor who can install your windows expertly!

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