Is It Time for Replacement Windows? Here’s How to Tell

Is It Time for Replacement Windows? Here’s How to Tell

by | Jul 24, 2020 | New Windows, Replacement Windows | 0 comments

What comes to mind when you think of home renovations? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably think about installing new flooring, hanging sheetrock, or swapping old appliances for new ones. Not many people think of replacing their windows.

Sometimes it’s painfully obvious that you need new windows as soon as possible. Other times, you may not pick up on problems right away. Your existing windows may be causing more trouble behind the scenes than you think. Here are several obvious and subtler signs that it’s time for replacement windows.

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Obvious Signs

Let’s start with the most obvious sign: visible damage to your window or window frame. Cracks in the glass or a peeling finish show that your window is at the end of its life. You may also struggle to open and close your windows or constantly feel drafts nearby. All of the above indicate severe damage to your windows that requires immediate attention.

Pro Tip: Looking to sell your home? Try replacing the windows for a newer look and better curb appeal. According to Remodeler’s Magazine, you can recoup up to 70% of your window expenses this way!

Subtler Signs

Not every window problem comes with a sign as obvious as broken glass. Have your curtains, furniture, or carpet begun to fade? You may have older windows with little or no sun protection. It may seem that more outside noise is audible than you remember, which may indicate that the seals around the window or glass have deteriorated, or your energy bill doesn’t seem to decrease no matter how much you mess with the thermostat. Finally, if you know your home’s history, was it built prior to 2003? Single-pane windows were much more common before 2003, so your home may be using less-than-ideal equipment.

Finding New Replacement Windows

If you’re noticing these warning signs on a regular basis, it’s time to upgrade your windows. Don’t let the damage and discomfort in your home continue! Get in touch with our expert team and find your new windows today.

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