3 Common Styles of Replacement Windows

3 Common Styles of Replacement Windows

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During a window upgrade, plenty of homeowners want to try out a different style of window. Some may prefer a different look or frame type for their new windows. But the wide variety of different window styles can start to blur after a while. Which replacement window style will work best in your home?

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Different Replacement Window Types

Most of a window’s functionality and energy efficiency deals with its materials and proper installation, so you’re free to choose your favorite style without worrying about losing any benefits! And you certainly have plenty of styles to choose from. A few of the more popular window designs include:

  1. Casement windows
  2. Sliding windows
  3. Picture windows

1) Casement Windows

Rather than sliding up and down, casement windows open like doors, with hinges along their vertical edge. This style can give your home a more modern and “different” look with a very distinct window design. And of course, it’s often easier to open a casement window than it is to push a sliding panel up or down, particularly if you’re leaning over a sink to open the window. Best of all, casement windows won’t block your view of the outdoors! With no central rail, there’s nothing to get in the way of seeing outside. Casement windows are an excellent choice for anyone looking for easy-to-open windows without sacrificing a modern aesthetic.

2) Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can open horizontally or vertically, and as their name implies, they open by sliding glass panels over each other rather than opening outward. This style keeps the extra glass panel flat and out of your way. These designs are often used in bedrooms to meet legal safety standards. Best of all, the simpler design of a sliding window means fewer moving parts and thus a simpler design, translating to a lower price tag for homeowners. The convenience and simplicity of a sliding window is a worthy addition to any home.

3) Picture Windows

Picture windows are arguably the simplest possible window design on the market. These windows cannot open and are primarily designed to let sunlight in and let homeowners see outside. A picture window works best mounted in a high place or anywhere you aren’t concerned about needing to open the window for ventilation. Best of all, because of their simpler design and higher structural ratings, picture windows are remarkably customizable. Nearly any shape works just fine with these simple windows.

Pro Tip: No matter your favorite style of window, you can be confident you’re getting Energy Star-certified glass that will keep your home environmentally friendly.

Finding Your New Favorite Window Styles

While these three replacement window styles are among the most commonly chosen, there are plenty more to suit your tastes. Which style is your favorite? Let us know and we can get started replacing your windows as soon as you’re ready!

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