Your Guide to Buying Replacement Windows

Your Guide to Buying Replacement Windows

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It’s finally time to replace your old windows. You go online to browse your options, only to discover that windows are not as straightforward as you thought. From materials to styles and levels of durability, every window is different and each one claims to be the best. How can you choose?

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Your Window Shopping Checklist

No matter the style, every window brand tends to focus on several common characteristics and put their own twist on them. Recognizing these characteristics and how they might work in your home will help you better narrow down your choices. In addition to your own preferences and budget, you should also consider the following factors when window shopping:

  1. Performance
  2. Material
  3. Design
  4. Style
  5. Finishing Touches

1) Performance

Are your current windows no longer performing as they should be? This encompasses more than drafts or loss of energy efficiency. The locks may not work anymore, or you may have to struggle to open and close the window. In a nutshell, if your windows are giving you a lot of trouble in any area, they’re no longer at peak performance. It’s time to upgrade.

2) Material

The most common types of replacement window material are vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, fiberglass composite, and wood. None of these materials is inherently the “best” for everyone, though some may last longer. Talk with a window contractor to discuss your preferences and to understand the pros and cons of different window materials for your home.

3) Design

From colors to designs and glass patterns, you can customize your new windows’ design almost as much as you want. By choosing a window that reflects design elements of your home, you can complement your home’s architectural style. From frame color and divided lite patterns to window types, your new windows can create a new appearance that can reflect a traditional to very modern appearance, all while improving your home’s efficiency.

4) Style

Which window style works best in each room?  A large picture window may be perfect for your living room or overlooking your pool area.  Likewise, if you like to open your windows you’ll want to make sure that the locks are within easy reach or perhaps consider a casement for those hard-to-reach windows.  And don’t forget to talk with your window expert about making sure the window style you choose also meets important building codes, like egress.

Pro Tip: Do you live in a particularly noisy neighborhood? Certain window designs are optimized for sound resistance! Give yourself some peace and quiet in your home.

5) Finishing Touches

As you choose your new windows, there will be various features to consider when making the right decision for your home. What type of Low-E glass is more efficient? What is the best way to reduce outside noise?  Should you consider triple-pane windows?  Your decision to upgrade the windows for your home is an important long term investment, so it makes sense to talk with window and door experts who can help guide you through the process.

Finding Your New Windows

Finding replacement windows for your home doesn’t have to be a confusing, overwhelming ordeal. Bring this checklist along and compare every brand and type of window to find one that works best for you. With these factors in mind, you’re sure to make a good choice.

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