The Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows for Spring, TX Residents

The Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows for Spring, TX Residents

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Replacement Windows | 0 comments

Homeowners will inevitably need to replace the windows of their residences at some point. However, there are many more important things when it comes to replacement windows than the way they look. Spring, TX replacement windows must be looked at as investment, not only because of their potential to add tens of thousands of dollars in value to real property, but because of their ability to insulate homes from heat and noise pollution. Choosing windows which can meet a variety of needs is a crucial decision that homeowners will need to make. In this, vinyl windows may be one of the more ideal selections. 

Vinyl windows offer homeowners enormous flexibility when it comes to decoration and ornament. Because of their chemical composition, which includes a pigment mixture, homeowners can arrange for them to come in whatever color they want. The vinyl frames can also be made to mimic wood in appearance, giving an elegant look that some homeowners might prefer. They can also fit any kind of appearance that homeowners may desire for their windows, such as architectural or casement. 

Additionally, vinyl windows have structural versatility thanks to the way that they’re manufactured. They won’t bend or suffer cracks, nor will they expand or contract when exposed to warmer or colder temperatures, respectively. This means that the windows won’t get stuck in their frames, permitting them to be opened or closed easily. 

Certain windows are better than others when it comes to saving on homeowners’ energy bills. For Texas residents, who generally live in warmer climates, choosing windows which filter out more heat energy from the sun is likely the ideal choice, as the Department of Energy estimates that homeowners can save over $450 yearly by installing energy efficient windows. Vinyl windows are ideal in this, as they come in many energy efficient options for homeowners to choose from. 

Perhaps best of all, vinyl windows are cheaper than wood, aluminum, or fiberglass replacements, and because they won’t get bent or cracked easily, they don’t require maintenance beyond simple cleanings from time to time. 

Nothing comes without drawbacks, though, and vinyl windows do have their share of flaws. They are the least durable kind of frames and as a result, won’t last as long as their wooden or aluminum counterparts. 

While you may have an idea about the benefits and drawbacks of vinyl windows, you should never select or install them without first consulting experienced professionals in the field. Should you have any questions about Spring, TX, replacement windows don’t hesitate to contact Custom Windows of Texas. The owner, Michael Shoemaker, and the field sales manager, Todd Dimmitt, have nearly 30 years of experience between them in installing custom, efficient windows. They will answer any question you may have with speed and precision, and will help you to get started on finding and designing your ideal windows. You can reach them at (713) 864-2747. Custom Windows of Texas can be located at 1291 N Post Oak Rd #100 Houston, TX 77055.