The Benefits of Vinyl Friendswood, TX Replacement Windows

The Benefits of Vinyl Friendswood, TX Replacement Windows

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Replacement Windows | 0 comments

Replacing your old single-pane windows is one of the best ways for you to add value to your home, but with a large number of different types of Friendswood, TX replacement windows on the market, you might find yourself having a hard time deciding which windows offer the most advantage to you. When looking at the different window types, vinyl is one that you should consider closely. 

The first benefit that vinyl windows bring is in the price. Vinyl windows will usually be less expensive than wood, fiberglass, or titanium, the other common window types available on the market. Price, however, isn’t the only benefit that you’ll get by choosing to install vinyl windows. 

While it probably won’t last as long as wood, fiberglass, or titanium, vinyl is a durable material that’s easy to maintain. No complex refinishing will be required. All you will need to do is clean it periodically. 

Vinyl won’t expand or contract in response to hot or cold temperatures, so your windows won’t get stuck. Additionally, it is an excellent insulator, meaning that it’s a great material for energy efficiency.  It won’t heat up or cool down as quickly as other materials, like wood or titanium, so the temperature in your home will be more resistant to change. Your heating or air conditioning units thus won’t have to do as much work and you’ll be able to save on your energy bills. Vinyl is fully compatible with Energy Star certified windows as well, which will further help to regulate your home’s temperature by filtering out solar radiation according to your preferences. 

Vinyl windows also offer a wide range of customization options. For example, if you prefer the elegance of wood for your home décor, you can actually mimic the same look with vinyl at a lower price. The material also won’t peel, fade, or rot, as wood might over time, so your elegant décor might last longer and save you even more money in the long run. If you have a house by the beach, you won’t need to worry about them corroding with the salt air, as you would with titanium windows. They will remain in pristine condition in almost any environment. In fact, vinyl windows can last you 30-40 years, making them a long term investment in the value of your home. 

If you’re thinking about installing vinyl or any other kind of Friendswood, TX replacement windows and desire to have expert consultation about the best choice for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact Custom Windows of Texas. Visit our showroom at 1291 N Post Oak Rd #100 Houston, TX 77055 to check out window labels yourself. We have representatives on hand to help you examine the options to get the best choices for your home in place. You can also call for a free consultation at (713) 864-2747. It’s our job to make sure your home gets the best replacement windows to suit your goals and lifestyle on a budget you can afford.