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Frequently Asked Replacement Window Questions

Frequently Asked Replacement Window Questions

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Replacement Windows | 0 comments

Replacement windows in Sugar Land, TX might seem overwhelming, as there is a lot to know. Before you get stressed, read the following frequently asked questions and their answers for more information:

  1. What is a replacement window? – A replacement window is made to replace existing windows in an existing home. They are generally made to fit with custom measurements and styles.
  2. How do I choose replacement windows? – Talk to different companies to compare and contrast prices, functions and more to find the best cost and product for your home. Definitely take Energy Star ratings into consideration.
  3. How much energy will our replacement windows save? – There is no exact formula for energy savings, but the average numbers fall around 12 to 27% savings over a year. Check out The US Department of Energy’s REFSEN program to give you a better idea for your specific situation.
  4. Can I install my own replacement windows? – Yes, you can. But should you? Probably not. Replacement windows need professional installation to maintain their efficacy and function. DIY window installations can also be dangerous if not done correctly.
  5. What do “single” and “double” hung mean? – These terms are in reference to windows that operate up and down. A single hung window is fixed at the top so only the bottom half operates. A double hung window has both top and bottom operating sashes.
  6. How long will my replacement window installation take? – The exact time frame depends on factors like weather, type of window, number of windows etc. Talk to your window contractor for a more specific estimate.
  7. What’s a thermal pane window? – A thermal pane window is made with two panes of glass separated by sealed gads. The panes must be double-strength Low E glass and filled with Argon gas to be considered thermal.
  8. Can I change my window style with replacement windows? – Usually the size of the opening dictates what window style will fit. For example, if the window is more wide than tall, you are stuck with windows with those measurements. However, if the new style you want fits in the old opening, you can definitely change!
  9. How do I prepare my home for my replacement windows to be installed? – Start by removing all window treatments, including blinds and shades. If you have any security sensors, have the company remove them for the project duration. Move any furniture or decoration that’s near the windows. This protects both your property and the contractors.
  10. Do I have to replace all my windows at once? – You don’t have to, but it’s recommended! If you replace all your windows at once, you’ll enjoy maximum energy efficiency and save money on your bills. Also, it can be hard to find the exact same window later down the road when you want to replace the remaining old ones.

Custom Windows of Texas, located at 1291 N Post Oak Rd #100 Houston, TX 77055, can answer any more Sugar Land, TX replacement window questions you may have. Give us a call today at (713) 864-2747.

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