All About Vinyl Replacement Windows

All About Vinyl Replacement Windows

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Replacement Windows | 0 comments

Your grandparents or parents might have told you to stay away from vinyl windows, and they would be correct as long as they are talking about the vinyl windows of the past. Vinyl windows used to be cheaply made and unattractive. However, thanks to modern advances in technology and construction, vinyl windows are just as durable, beautiful and weatherproof as clad wood or wood windows. Read on to learn more about these windows if you’re curious about vinyl replacement windows for your Sugar Land, TX home.

Vinyl windows are made from a tough, impact resistant material, polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short, is a man-made plastic polymer with no known health concerns. It’s used for windows because of its high insulation and rigidity properties. Vinyl window frames generally have hollow spaces, called chambers, tucked between multiple layers of PVC. These chambers help reduce heat and cold transfer, keeping your home regulated to your preferred temperature and your energy bills down.

Vinyl windows have a lot of benefits over other window materials. Their benefits include:

  • Energy Efficiency – PVC is a tough insulator. It keeps the hot or cold outside air from affecting your conditioned air inside your home. This effective insulation not only keeps your home heated or cooled to your desired comfort level, but also lowers your energy use to stay green and keep your bills down.
  • Boosted Home Value—Vinyl windows are very desirable these days as they stay strong and visually appealing for many years. They are great investments that can increase your home’s value. Potential buyers, and appraisers, look for the types of benefits that vinyl windows provide, making them a great option if you might sell down the road.
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof – You can always count on properly installed vinyl windows for air and watertight seals. They’ll keep out the rain, snow, or sleet as well as nasty pests like bugs or mice. You can even buy soundproof vinyl windows for even more comfort in your home.
  • Easy Maintenance – Vinyl windows need infrequent cleanings, as they repel dirt, water, road salt and dust on their own. When it does come time to clean your vinyl windows, use a simple mixture of soap and water. They also have almost nonexistent maintenance requirements. They’re built with integrated colors in the sashes and frames, and therefore never need to be repainted or refinished. Vinyl frames are also built to stand the test of time, resisting rust, stains, and warping.
  • User Friendly – Vinyl windows are made for smooth operation. With their simple tracking and frame systems, they are easy to open or close and require minimal effort on your part.

Vinyl makes a great material for any window on almost every home. From construction and energy efficiency to basic visual appeal, you can’t go wrong with vinyl replacement windows. Want to learn more about vinyl Sugar Land, TX replacement windows? Custom Windows of Texas would love to help. Visit us at 1291 N Post Oak Rd #100 Houston, TX 77055, or give us a call at (713) 864-2747.