5 Ideas for Decorating Your New Windows

5 Ideas for Decorating Your New Windows

by | May 1, 2020 | Replacement Windows, Window Decor | 0 comments

A brand new set of windows is an excellent addition to your house. But what home is complete without a few window decorations? Curtains, valances, or even furniture strategically arranged nearby can be the perfect complementary design for your windows.

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Elegant Window Treatments

Curtains or other window accessories go a long way toward turning a house into a home. And depending on the aesthetic of the rest of your house, you may have an idea of how you want to style your new windows. Need further inspiration or ideas? Check out these clever window decor projects:

  1. Conventional curtains
  2. Valances with wooden backing
  3. Toy shelves
  4. Unique curtain rods and hardware
  5. Curtains without rods

1) Conventional Curtains

Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with standard curtains and curtain rods. The right colors, patterns, and tones can truly elevate your room. Find curtains that complement your furniture and create a seamless decorative scheme.

2) Valances with Wooden Backing

A valance–the part of the curtain that spans the top of the window–adds a finishing touch to a set of curtains, or can even provide a nice look on its own. But some homeowners aren’t fond of just having fabric over the window like that. Some creative homeowners glue nice fabric to wooden backing for a neater-looking valance, either as the cover for a full set of curtains or as the only decoration on the window. The more structured look complements just about any decorative style!

3) Toy Shelves

This is especially useful in a kid’s room. Skip the valance and attach a single board above the window instead, making a decorative high shelf perfect for more fragile toys. Install a standard curtain rod and panel set underneath for privacy. You’ll appreciate the extra shelf space and the pop of color the toys on display can provide!

4) Unique Curtain Rods & Hardware

Most of the fuss in curtain shopping involves the curtains themselves–their sizes, colors, shapes, fringes, and so forth. But the curtain rods and hardware can make a difference too. For instance, a plain set of red curtains could take on an elegant look when paired with a dark wooden curtain rod. On the other hand, put those same red curtains on a curtain rod that ends in fragile glass orbs and they now give off a softer, more relaxing atmosphere. Shop around for the perfect curtain rod to complement your fabric of choice.

Pro Tip: When you’re shopping for curtain rods, consider the weight of your curtains and how wide the window is. You may need multiple strong rods for especially wide windows or heavy curtains.

5) Curtains Without Rods

Finally, who says curtains have to be on rods at all? While this remains the simplest solution, it’s far from the only one. Homeowners have used everything from shower curtain hooks and nails to old tractor steering wheels to hold up their curtains. While skipping the curtain rod may not be your favorite choice, it’s worth considering how you can incorporate other decorations around your home into your new curtain set.

Find Your New Favorite Designs!

That new set of windows has finally been installed. Time to decorate it! Give one of these simple decorating solutions a try and take your windows to the next level.

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