As you look to upgrade your home with brand new, nice-looking features, windows may not be high on the priority list. But they’re just as important as any other new accessory. Aside from the added benefits of energy efficiency or sound reduction, the way your windows look can either contribute to your home’s overall aesthetic or work against it. Do you know what style of window best fits your house?

Different window styles are designed to match certain home decor schemes and overall designs. Best of all, all of our window styles are designed to be equally reliable and energy-efficient. Take a look at some of our most popular and versatile windows. Which of these styles works best for your home?

  1. Aluminum
  2. Vinyl
  3. Fiberglass
  4. Fiberglass-clad wood
  5. Aluminum-clad wood

1) Aluminum

Aluminum-framed windows provide a sleek, modern look and excellent energy efficiency for your home. Custom Windows’ aluminum frames are thermally broken, meaning the inner and outer layers of aluminum are separated by heavy polymer to prevent heat from flowing into your home. And of course, aluminum will never decay or rust, making it reliable no matter what the weather report looks like! Aluminum windows typically complement elegant, modern-style houses the best.

Pro Tip: Aluminum-framed windows allow you to customize different shapes and finishes for the glass panels. See if we have what you need to make your dream become a reality.

2) Vinyl

Vinyl is perhaps the most versatile material a window could possibly be made from. The manufacturing process allows the vinyl to be formed into virtually any shape, allowing you to get creative with designing differently-shaped windows. The final product is also remarkably heat-resistant, protecting your home both from losing climate control and from warping windows beneath the summer sun. Also, because vinyl windows have many profiles and shapes to choose from, you can find a vinyl window to suit virtually any home aesthetic.

3) Fiberglass

If your primary concern is the Houston sun beating down on your home, fiberglass is an excellent choice. Fiberglass window materials offer energy efficiency on par with vinyl windows and, better yet, don’t expand or contract with drastic temperature changes at all. Since fiberglass never breaks down or decays either, it makes an excellent replacement for wooden windows damaged by Houston’s humidity. Our modern-style fiberglass windows, such as Ultra, are also designed to complement any home design you can imagine.

4) Fiberglass-Clad Wood

The Essence Wood Window, consisting of fiberglass panels framed with wood, adds a touch of old-fashioned elegance to your home. By combining the benefits of a pure fiberglass window with solid wood interior trim, these windows are just as durable as any other material and can be customized to match any home design. We can even fuse colored powder to the exterior for a truly eye-catching appearance! Our wood-framed windows work best with a more antique design or home aesthetic.

5) Aluminum-Clad Wood

Our line of Sierra Pacific aluminum-clad wood windows are true solid wood windows operationally, with heavy extruded aluminum cladding protecting the exterior against the elements. Choose from a spectrum of 75 exterior window colors and 9 interior wooden frames, including cherry wood, mahogany, oak, and more! These windows are the ultimate fusion of an old-fashioned style with modern elements that can survive Houston weather.

Complement Your Design

No homeowner should have to choose between high-quality windows and windows that look good upon installation. Our goal is to provide you with windows that both meet your standards of efficiency and match the rest of your home! Let us help you find the right look for your new window set.

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