Choosing Your New Custom French Doors

Choosing Your New Custom French Doors

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Few additions to a home provide more elegance than brand new glass doors. But why not take things up a notch? The style and added touch of class offered by French doors give your home a whole new look.

There are many French doors available, including inexpensive products that compromise features and security available at ‘bargain’ prices.  But as with most things, knowing key features as well as having professional installation may make them less of a bargain than choosing a stronger brand and installation company such as Custom Windows.

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Best Brands

We offer two excellent French door brands:

  • Milgard: available in vinyl, fiberglass and fiberglass-clad wood, all with Milgard’s lifetime warranty on parts and labor.
  • Sierra Pacific: classic wood doors protected by heavy aluminum cladding, including the Feel Safe series of hurricane impact doors.


Whether you want to customize your door’s frame colors, materials, or glass styles, we can make your vision a reality. Milgard’s fiberglass doors offer 7 interior color options and 4 exterior colors, while their fiberglass-clad wood doors offer up to 16 exterior colors! Meanwhile, Sierra Pacific offers 9 interior wood types, 75 exterior colors, and even round top picture windows. Talk to our team to start designing your new doors today!

Pro Tip: Do you live near the coast? Ask about our hurricane impact French doors to protect your home from severe weather.


Aside from the option of doors similar to our hurricane impact windows, we offer built-in designs intended to keep your doors in excellent shape for years to come. Each door comes with a set of hinges designed to accommodate minor home settling over the years. Our manufacturers use the best materials on the market to create traditional French doors with long life and a “new door” feel that never goes away. You’ll never feel like your doors are out of date!


In addition to appearances, we understand you’re concerned about security measures on your new doors. That’s why each of our French doors, no matter the brand or style, includes a three-point lock system to ensure that your doors stay securely shut. Sierra Pacific’s designs even offer a five-point lock system. Whatever style you prefer, you can be confident that your doors will stay locked.

Enjoy Your Custom French Doors!

Why settle for plain glass doors when you can have an eye-catching French door that complements your windows perfectly? Put the finishing touch on your house with elegant French doors and enjoy the sunlight!

Join the conversation to see what your new doors will look like after installation.