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New Construction

Build Your Dream Home

As a locally operated business in Houston, Custom Windows is dedicated to providing quality doors and windows for new construction and developments in the Houston area. Unlike inferior “builder’s grade” products, our products are specially designed for maximum efficiency and long term durability. By ensuring that your plans adhere to all building and energy requirements, we make sure your new windows and doors are up to code.

If you’re a contractor, we can either supply the necessary products to your job site or provide complete turn-key services of both product and installation. We strive to provide every home with beautiful windows and doors that will last for years to come.

Impress with Moving Glass Walls

Custom Windows is dedicated to providing the latest window and door design trends for new construction. Instead of regular doors or windows, consider a moving glass wall to merge your inside and outside living spaces. With our exclusive line of Sierra Pacific, NT, and MI systems, architects can design homes around the unobstructed view of glass walls.

Visit our Houston showroom to experience the wonder of this hot design trend!


Ready to get started on your custom windows design? Browse our selection of products, contact an expert, or view our gallery to get more inspiration!


New Construction Requirements

When building a new home it is critically important that your windows and doors meet all relevant building codes, including safety, egress, and energy requirements. Custom Windows can be your partner to not only find products that meet your style and appearance goals but can help ensure code compliance from the planning stage through installation.

You can also check some of the more common code issues like when tempered glass is needed and where egress is required by visiting our resource library.


Are replacement windows better than construction windows?

Some windows used in new construction are ‘builder’s grade’ which can be a lesser quality product, however we only offer the same high quality windows for all projects and do not sell any builder’s grade products.

At what point in the building process should I choose windows or doors?

Production lead times vary by the type of material and the manufacturers selected, but as a rule of thumb start your research and selection before the permits are issued and order your products when you first break ground. It is always better to have the product ready when it is needed than risk construction delays waiting for product!

Can I send Custom Windows my design blueprints?

Yes! We want to work with your full set of plans to ensure that the schedule, elevations and floor plans all match and that every window and door that you select meets all energy and building codes. Contact our team today!

What is the warranty for new construction windows or doors?

Each manufacturer has slight differences in their warranties which we will cover in detail with you. Keep in mind that Custom Windows has been serving the Houston market for over 40 years. Businesses have this longevity only by taking care of their customers! View warranty information.