replacement windows for your Sugar Land, TXGiven enough time, your home’s windows and doors will experience the effects of age and deterioration. Sun warp, air gaps, broken seals, cracked glass, and brittle hardware can all lead to poor efficiency and performance. If you’ve noticed any of these things happening in your home, you may be ready for replacement windows and doors in Houston, TX. Here are four benefits of upgrading your windows and doors with the latest quality products the industry has to offer:

Reduced Utility Bills

In recent times, research and development activities have led to significant advances in the window and door industry. These products perform more efficiently than ever before due to improvements in material, glass, insulation technology, sealants, installation practices, hardware, and more. As a result, when you install high-quality windows or doors in your home, unwanted air leaks will be eliminated. This new weather-tight seal will save your air conditioner from working overtime to maintain the internal climate of your home. Your monthly utility costs will immediately decrease by appreciable amounts, literally keeping money in your wallet!

Better Energy Efficiency

In addition to saving money each month, you’ll save on energy usage too. Quality windows and doors that are properly installed can drastically improve your home’s energy consumption. Modern window technology has increased the insulation capability by leaps and bounds. That means no more temperature variations as you walk from room to room! Sealant caulks have improved as well, eliminating air gaps that occur as solvent-based caulk products begin to shrink over time. In turn, these improvements reduce the need for your HVAC system to constantly kick on. All of these things work to preserve the desired temperature of your home.

Modern electricity doesn’t grow on trees; it must be generated by burning fossil fuels or harnessing nuclear, solar, or wind power. In all of these cases, there is a cost to the environment –some more than others. Everything we can do as consumers to reduce our consumption helps to protect and preserve our environment. That’s why our company only sells and installs products that meet the latest Energy Star requirements.

Home Protection and Safety

Here at Custom Windows of Texas, we understand the importance of keeping your family and belongings safe. Our window and door systems are built with these priorities in mind. Windows are required to meet forced entry testing standards to withstand the efforts of intruders to gain access to your home from the outside. At the same time, windows must be intuitive and easy to use in an emergency situation from the inside. If a house fire breaks out, it’s critical that a family member in a state of alarm can quickly understand how to unlock and open a window to escape.

If you live on the gulf coast, we can provide hurricane windows that meet all code requirements. These windows also double as added security because of the laminate membrane interlaid in the glass. Both thieves and hurricanes find it difficult to penetrate this laminate barrier by either impact or pressure breakage.

Custom Build and Fit

Many companies that provide replacement windows and doors in Houston, TX sell products that are only standard inventory sizes. But in our experience, no two window casings are the same, which is why we precision fit all of our customer windows within 1/8-inch tolerance. We custom measure every window and door you decide to replace and then double-check those measurements to make sure we’ve got it exactly right. That way, when our glaziers build your windows, they do so to exact specifications, tailor-made for your home. This meticulous craftsmanship leads to better installation outcomes because of reduced air gaps and higher quality seals.

Also, several aspects of our windows can be customized to meet your style preferences, including the design, frame color, glass quality, insulation value, material type, etc. If you’re looking for a unique showpiece window, our professional team can help guide you through the details of how to design it, without sacrificing any quality or durability.

Free Consultation for Replacement Windows and Doors in Houston, TX

For more than forty years, Custom Windows of Texas has been helping local homeowners to modernize their windows and doors. We make it a point to fit and install every window product as if it were being done on our own home. Our customers appreciate the attention to detail and service that we provide and often refer us to their friends and family who need similar services. When this happens, we take it as the ultimate compliment.

Our goal is to achieve the highest satisfaction in each of our customers. If you need replacement windows and doors in Houston, TX for your home, contact Custom Windows of Texas. Call us for a no-obligation consultation at (713) 864-2747. Or stop by our showroom at 1291 N Post Oak Rd #100, Houston, TX 77055.

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