Friendswood, TX replacement windowsOver the years, even the best windows and doors will begin to deteriorate under the hot Texas sun and weather. Older window and door technology may not have the durability and staying power that more current technologies have, as well as insulation capability. If you’re a homeowner with windows and doors that are worn with age and use, it may be time to consider replacement windows and doors in Friendswood, TX. Here are four benefits of upgrading your home with modern windows and doors:

Lower Costs for Utilities and Upkeep

Older windows and doors are prone to air and water leaks. These leaks occur as window seals go bad due to sun warp and weather damage accumulated over years of use and service. By upgrading to newer windows and doors that are of a higher quality, you will immediately notice a difference in the cost of your utility bills. It’s essential that your new windows are installed properly by a qualified team. Otherwise, the benefit of upgrading can be limited.

After proper installation, your heating and cooling system will not need to work nearly as hard to maintain the preferred temperature of your home. That’s why a weather-tight home can decrease your monthly utility bills by as much as 20%.

As an additional benefit, you will also experience cost savings in the long run because your HVAC system will incur less wear and tear in its daily use. Over time, this means less maintenance work and costs will be required.

Better Home Energy Efficiency

In recent decades, the ongoing advancement of the industry has led to improvements in window design. These developments have helped engineers and designers to create much more efficient window and door systems than ever before. As a result, the insulation capability of modern windows and doors is significantly better than it has been in previous years.

Homeowners truly appreciate a more energy-efficient home because of the benefits to their wallet and their comfort. Every window we install is manufactured to the precise measurements of your home. We never install a window that has not been fitted to within a 1/8-inch tolerance of the casing in which it will sit. It’s much easier to maintain a consistent temperature throughout a weather-tight house.

Installing replacement windows and doors in Friendswood, TX for your home will help to keep a proper seal, helping to conserve energy usage in the home. This feature helps to protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint through a reduction in greenhouse gases.

Home Security

Our pro team here at Custom Windows of Texas understand the priority of home security. Keeping your family and belongings safe is not to be taken lightly. That’s why we require all of our windows and doors to meet forced entry testing standards. Thieves and intruders are always looking for a weak point of entry to exploit. If a home is too difficult to access, they will almost always move on. Quality window and door systems that meet industry security standards are a good way to deter unwanted trespassers from accessing your home.

Home Safety

In the gulf coast area, residential building code requires windows to be interlaid with laminate glass, making the window much stronger against hurricane-force wind and pressure surges. Laminates prevent shattered glass from falling to the ground by suspending them in their frame. They may break under stress, but they are much more likely to maintain their form as a barrier against the outside elements. Homeowners that are concerned about break in’s also use laminate glass technology to maintain a security barrier against would-be intruders.

Another benefit of modern windows and doors is the safety of the good design. Windows should be impossible to open from the outside, but need to be easy and user-friendly to open from the inside. Current Windows and doors meet this standard. In an emergency situation, such as a fire, a person trying to escape from the home needs to be able to understand how to open the window quickly. Without good hardware and lock mechanisms that are intuitive, a life or death situation can end in tragedy. Thankfully, there are many windows and doors available on the market that meet this safety requirement.

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