Jersey Village, TX replacement windowsThese days, there are dozens of manufacturers that claim to provide the very best window and door products. Quality, efficiency, security, and price are all touted as the best that money can buy. Product naming conventions and marketing speak all sound so reassuringly smart and hi-tech. However, marketing aside, not all window and door products are created equal. If you’re looking around at the different brands and providers of replacement windows and doors in Cypress, TX, it can be hard to know which products will meet your needs and your budget. Here are several things to review as you prepare to buy:

Energy Efficiency Standards

The latest Energy Star requirements are much more rigorous than prior guidance. Many modern windows and doors are not able to meet the higher efficiency requirement. Mass-produced windows and doors may not always be the best way to go. They come in standard sizing that can sometimes result in a less optimal fit in the window or door casing that they will be hung.

Unfortunately, a badly fitted window can lead to poor performance in energy efficiency, largely because of the air gap, excessive caulk and shim fill required to close that gap. Caulk and fill may work for now, but as the year’s progress, your windows will never be as efficient as a quality made window specifically designed and built for your home.

Custom Fit Windows

Custom Windows of Texas measures every window and door casing before we build them. Not every company has the ability to do this. This precision is important to our quality process because we custom build our products to fit your home. Your windows and doors will be built within a 1/8-inch tolerance of the size of your home’s casings. This practice reduces air gaps and helps to create a better seal.

You will also have the option to alter the appearance of your windows, including the design, color, and material. Insulation strength and glass quality can also be tailored as preferred. We can guide you through the process of building your craft made replacement windows and doors in Cypress, TX without sacrificing any quality.

Safety and Security Considerations

Quality hardware and lock systems are another vital part of any window or door that you are considering to buy. Sometimes these things are minimally reviewed by consumers, and the long-term results can be disappointing. Windows and doors need to meet the industry minimum forced entry testing standards. This requirement ensures that the product can withstand the rigor and stress that a would-be intruder or thief might assert when trying to break into a home. Make your new windows and doors keep the bad guys out with robust hardware and locks.

At the same time, hardware and lock systems need to be intuitive and straightforward to use from the inside, so that users can easily interact with them during daily living. Good design is imperative here. Without it, safety concerns can arise in emergency situations. For example, if a house fire were to occur, a family member may rush to escape through a nearby window and not be able to open it quickly enough to avoid the danger.

Utility and Maintenance Cost Savings

The utility bill comes every month, and it always will. You can never pay it off! That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure the windows and doors you choose to buy are made with quality materials and insulation ability. Be sure to research the R-Value and U-Factor. It can make a world of difference to your pocketbook, saving you as much as 20% in monthly utility costs! It’s also worth noting that quality products will make your home more weather tight. This feature decreases the workload that your HVAC system has to do to maintain the internal climate of your house, saving money on maintenance costs in the long run.

Of course, installation matters as well. Poor installation of the best window in the world will undermine the ability of that window to perform at its highest efficiency and savings potential. Bottom line? Make sure you buy quality products and have them installed by a professional.

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