replacement windows on your Sugar Land, TXMost homeowners understand the impact that windows and doors can have on their quality of living. Windows that are poorly made or built using older technology and materials have lower lifetime performance and durability. Fortunately, modern windows and doors made using the highest standards are remarkably better than those built-in years past. If you’re thinking about replacement windows and doors in Conroe, TX for your home, here are the top reasons why homeowners buy new:

1. Existing Windows are Weather Worn and Dilapidated

The gulf coast climate can wreak havoc on a home. The Texas sun, heat, humidity, and storms can do quite a bit of damage to your windows and doors. Given enough exposure and time, the integrity of aging windows will start to fail in small, almost imperceptible ways. As they continue to weaken with each passing year, windows and doors lose their ability to safeguard against air and water leaks.

Glass cracks, breakage, and broken seals can lead to water condensation, mold, and mildew in frames. Most homeowners know they need to stay ahead of these deteriorations to protect their homes and belongings. From the roof to the foundation, and everything in between, it’s a good idea to do regular home maintenance and upkeep.

2. Home Renovations and Remodels

Sometimes maintenance isn’t enough. When this happens, homeowners may need to replace their windows and doors. The good news is, the industry has advanced tremendously in recent years. Research and development have led to better insulation capabilities, more durable materials, improved hardware, glass technology, etc. These days, the variety and quality of product offerings are extensive.

Homeowners can also build their windows and doors to match their style preferences. Possible customizations include design, material, frame color, glass quality, hardware, shape, and size. Here at Custom Windows of Texas, all replacement windows and doors in Conroe, TX are fitted to within a 1/8-inch tolerance of the casing where the window will be installed. Our team precisely measures everything we build for our customers.

3. Energy Efficiency Matters

We believe our customers deserve the most efficient products available on the market today. That’s why our pro team ensures all of our vinyl and fiberglass window products meet the latest Energy Star requirements. This product efficiency standard is rigorous, and many companies in the industry are not able to meet expectations. If you’re going to spend the money to upgrade, it’s important to maximize the value of function and efficiency.

Old single-pane windows and outdated frames don’t do much to insulate your home. The same applies to windows and doors that have been weakened by age and exposure to the elements. As a homeowner, this means your heating and cooling system must activate more often to keep the internal climate of your home at your preferred temperature. The more work your HVAC system must perform, the more energy your home is consuming.

Additionally, by improving the energy efficiency of your home, you help to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions created in the production of our modern energy sources.

4. Cost Savings

Correctly installed, new windows and doors help to create a weathertight seal in your home. This seal, in turn, will improve your home’s ability to maximize and sustain the conditioned air temperature produced by your heating and cooling system. This simple fact puts money back into your wallet in two ways:

  • The reduction of energy usage in your home translates to lower utility bills. Some homeowners experience as much as a 20% reduction in monthly energy costs as a result of installing new windows and doors.
  • Less day to day workload on your HVAC system to heat and cool your home means less service maintenance is required to keep the system in good working order.

5. Home Security and Safety

As the first line of defense, a home’s windows and doors are critical in the protection of your home and family against weather and trespassers. Unfortunately, older windows and doors are almost an invitation to intruders and thieves. Windows and doors with decades of daily use and wear, combined with outdated security technology make an easy target. That’s why all of our modern windows and doors are built to meet all current forced entry testing standards.

Consult with a Pro for Replacement Windows and Doors in Conroe, TX

Custom Windows of Texas is among the most reputable window and door companies in the state. If you’d like to discuss your needs with us about replacement windows and doors in Conroe, TX for your home, give us a call or stop by our showroom. There’s no obligation, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions. Our office is located at 1291 N Post Oak Rd #100, Houston, TX 77055. You can reach us during business hours at (713) 864-2747.

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