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ProVia Doors and Windows

Originating from Sugarcreek, Ohio, ProVia is a national brand that offers a number of different energy-efficient windows and doors. From fiberglass and steel swing doors to French doors that can withstand high-impact and high wind load, their selection boasts style and durability. In addition, their extensive line of vinyl windows and sliding doors are built to guard against high temperatures and humidity. By helping you reduce your energy bills, ProVia is becoming one of the most viable solutions for homeowners in the Houston area.

Choose from a number of different architectural styles and color options to find a product that fits your home perfectly. Whether you’re looking for an entry door, French door, sliding patio door, or more, ProVia provides you with the energy-efficiency and attractiveness needed in an exterior product.

Decorative Glass and Wood Finishes

One of the signature features of ProVia products is the unique embellishments available. From stainless steel inlays and decorative art glass to internal blinds, there are a number of ways to give your door a personalized touch.

Plus, ProVia prides itself on offering a wide variety of wood finishes including Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, Knotty Alder, Fir, and more. Whether you have a design in mind or want to find a product that matches your architectural style, our team is ready to help you find the perfect door.


Ready to get started? View our gallery, get in touch with one of our door experts, or explore ProVia’s online visualizer to give you an idea of which product best suits your home!


Why Choose ProVia?

Unmatched Security

The weakest spot for most doors is at the lock. Hitting it hard at the lock can split the wood jamb and force the door open. ProVia uses a heavy 20 gauge steel plate in the jamb at the lockset to reinforce this area, making it almost impossible to breakthrough.

Water Damage Protection

ProVia doors are engineered with a number of features to ensure long-term durability.

  • Frame Saver: The bottom of the door jambs (frame area around the door) is the area where doors will rot if exposed to weather and water. Fiberglass and steel door slabs will not rot, but a wood jamb will. Thus, every ProVia door we sell comes with their Frame Saver jamb which uses a composite material for the lowest 6” of the jamb instead of wood, and composite cannot rot.
  • Z-AC Threshold: While ProVia makes a ‘standard’ sill that other dealers may offer, we configure all of our doors with their Z-AC Threshold, a step up auto-adjusting sill. This sill has a gasket that is spring-loaded so that it compresses when the door is closed but keeps additional pressure on the seals along the bottom of the door. This helps to keep both air and water infiltration out of the home.
Customizable Design Options

ProVia is committed to making doors individually customized for homeowners to the highest standards of durability, security, and energy efficiency in the residential market. Here’s a look at some of the top different ways to choose a door to fit your home and decor.

  • Styles: From full glass to solid doors without glass and everything between, there’s bound to be a door that will match your style.
  • Colors: Options range from a wood textured finish with different stain finishes to a smooth finish with multiple paint options. Signet and Embarq even have multiple wood textures to mimic different types of real wood (e.g. cherry, mahogany, etc.) as well as multiple stains for each to increase design flexibility.
  • Decorative Glass:  Customize your door or sidelights with obscure glass, decorative patterned glass, and their exclusive line of art glass.
Lockset Hardware Options

ProVia offers a number of different hardware options to choose from including traditional deadbolt styles, triple mortise locksets for added security, digital locks, and even easy access ‘push-pull’ locksets.