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Moving Glass Walls

Create the Perfect Entertainment Area For Your Home

Have you ever seen a moving glass wall in action? In seconds, an entire glass wall can be opened to connect an interior room to an outdoor living space. Instead of spending time exclusively on the back patio, you can invite the natural light and fresh air directly into your home with style and ease. With moving glass walls, you can enjoy your backyard and living room as one entertainment space. 

Custom Windows is proud to offer a number of sliding glass wall systems to span the width of any room and even go around corners. Our installation teams are professionally trained to ensure that each complex glass wall system will provide easy operation and a lifetime of enjoyment. Whether you’re building a custom home or adding an outdoor kitchen, a moving glass wall will greatly enhance your home.

Brand and Styles We Trust

If you’re interested in upgrading your home with a moving glass wall system, the different styles are based on how the panels open and close. From stacking and lift-and-slide to bi-folds and slide-and-pivot systems, we’re committed to offering you quality and energy-efficient products.

We currently carry Sierra Pacific, NT, and MI moving glass walls to help you find the right system for your home. If you’re unsure on which style and brand to choose, come visit our showroom in Houston where we have full BiFold systems.


Ready to get started on your custom windows design? Browse our selection of products, contact an expert, or view our gallery to get more inspiration!



Sierra Pacific offers “bi-fold” glass door systems

Sierra Pacific Bi-Fold Glass Doors

  • Specializes in aluminum clad wood systems
  • Systems up to 23 feet wide and 10 feet tall, with panels up to 54” wide x 120” tall.
  • Custom homes can design in systems that go around corners with no corner post.
  • Available in 75 different aluminum exterior colors and 9 different wood species
  • Now offering a Feel Safe Hurricane Impact BiFold System that can be 8 panels spanning 24′ X 10′


Stacking and Pocket glass door systems are designed so that each independent sliding panel can slide to either stack behind one fixed panel or hideaway into a pocket inside of the wall completely.

MI Vinyl Stacking Doors

  • From standard 2-panel sliding doors to 18’ wide 6-panel systems with a fixed panel on either side for maximum flexibility without requiring a deep track
  • Available in 11 exterior colors, 3 interior colors, and 3 interior woodgrain finishes
  • StormArmor impact-resistant systems available for coastal areas

Sierra Pacific Pocket Glass Doors

  • Specializes in aluminum clad wood systems
  • Available in 75 different aluminum exterior colors and 9 different wood species
  • Can be designed with individual panels up to 5’ ft wide x 10’ ft’ tall
  • Are available as stacking or true pocket systems


The heaviest duty and most secure system, a Lift ‘n Slide combines the operation of a stacking door design with a locking system Designed with panels that lift on custom heavy tracks using rollers that allow it to open up smoothly. In turn, the panel drops down to clamp to the track for added security and weather resistance when closed.

NT Urbania and Loft Systems

  • One of the most unique systems, Urbania and Loft are designed as 2 panel systems only using heavy components to allow large sizes for maximum views and minimal frame.
  • Urbania, while not a true Lift & Slide, can be designed as a two-panel system up to 8 feet wide x 9 feet tall with equally sized panels or 8 feet wide x 10 feet tall with a unique asymmetrical design!
  • Loft, a true Lift & Slide system, can be built even larger due to the heavier hardware, including up to a 12 foot wide by the 8-foot tall two-panel system!

Sierra Pacific Lift & Slide Systems

  • Flexible designs up to 23 feet wide and 10 feet tall
  • Maximum panel size of 6 feet wide by 10 feet tall
  • Stacking or pocketing in single and bi-parting operations
  • Available in 75 exterior aluminum colors and 9 wood species interior options