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What types of payment methods and financing do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. We also offer no interest 12-month financing though EnerBank.

At what point in the building process should I choose windows or doors?
Production lead times vary by the type of material and the manufacturers selected, but as a rule of thumb start your research and selection before the permits are issued and order your products when you first break ground. It is always better to have the product ready when it is needed than risk construction delays waiting for product!
Can I send Custom Windows my design blueprints?

Yes! We want to work with your full set of plans to ensure that the schedule, elevations and floor plans all match and that every window and door that you select meets all energy and building codes. Contact our team today!

How much time should I allow for the entire installation process?
This will vary depending upon the number of products being installed and the complexity of the installation. We will provide some guidance for your project when we present the quote to you.
Should a member of my household be present during my installation?
While homeowners are often present during installation, do not be concerned about running errands if necessary! We maintain small, professional crews that treat your home as their own.
How can I prepare my house for replacement windows or doors?
A good rule of thumb is to move furniture to provide at least 3 feet of clear area around every window or door being replaced.
How will the installation affect the surrounding wall? Will I need to repaint?
While there is always a possibility of small nicks, we make every effort to minimize this and typically there is no need for any touch-up after installation.
What happens to my old windows?
Wherever possible we recycle materials such as aluminum frames, etc.
Do I have to replace all of my windows at the same time?
No, we can do as few or as many as you would like. But the improved comfort and reduced noise that you will see in rooms with new windows will make you want to do them all as soon as possible!
Are replacement windows better than new construction windows?
Some windows used in new construction are ‘builder’s grade’ which can be a lesser quality product, however we only offer the same high quality windows for all projects and do not sell any builder’s grade products.
What is the warranty for replacement windows and doors?

Each manufacturer has slight differences in their warranties which we will cover in detail with you – view warranty information.

What is the warranty for new construction windows or doors?

Each manufacturer has slight differences in their warranties which we will cover in detail with you – view warranty information.

Who should I contact regarding a problem or product defect?

Custom Windows is your partner before, during and after installation. We are happy to help with any product question or issue and will coordinate with the manufacturer if that is necessary. Contact us today!