Assuming that you are replacing the single pane windows so common across Houston, yes, the energy savings will pay you back and more! Industry data shows that roughly 40% of your heating and cooling costs are lost through inefficient windows and doors. A Custom Windows Low-E vinyl window can save 50% and more of this loss. Putting this into numbers, if your average electric and gas bills combined is $400 per month (or $4,800 a year), and your old inefficient windows are costing almost 40% of this (roughly $1,900 a year), then cutting this by 50% means you are saving almost $1,000 per year. With energy costs expected to go up, the savings will also increase.

But what about the ‘and more’ savings? Well, here are some additional savings you can expect:

  • Air Conditioner Life: Because significantly less heat is coming into the home through your windows, your Air Conditioner runs less and lasts longer!
  • Air Conditioner Size: Are you thinking of upgrading an older A/C unit to a more efficient model? Industry data shows that in heat-dominated climates like ours, replacing single pane windows with efficient windows can result in the average 2200sf home needing two-tons less A/C for the same cooling!
  • Home Value: Are you thinking of selling your home now or in the coming years? Then recouping your investment is even faster! Research from Remodeling magazine shows that over 80% of the cost of modernizing your windows is recaptured when you sell your home!
  • Important Intangibles: Sitting next to a drafty or hot window is uncomfortable, but a modern window can dramatically improve your personal comfort all year round. And take a walk around your home to look at your furniture, floors, drapes and paint, all which will benefit from the significant reduction in UV radiation (up to 95% with our Cardinal 366 glass) that causes fading!