When it is needed, yes! And when we do we use professional grade Soudal Door and Window foam with controlled application guns for precise placement and amounts.  But it is important to understand that foam is not always necessary.  Often foam is used to cover up the fact that the window is too small, so there are gaps between the window and the wall that must be filled just to hide them!

But if the window is correctly sized in the first place, the use of foam fillers is usually unnecessary – in fact, the nozzle of a professional application gun wouldn’t fit in a proper gap!  (And, please, DON’t let someone spray foam from the can without a professional application gun to control the placement and amount!)  With properly sized windows the use of a high quality sealant is enough to create good seal and protect your window’s efficiency.

And Custom Windows only uses the highest quality, Low VOC elastomeric moisture proof sealants by Soudal for installation. While these sealants cost 3 to 4 times more than the silicone or latex sealants most companies use, they provide the best seal that will not shrink over time like silicone and latex sealants.  And it is this shrinkage that creates the gaps that allow air and water penetration that compromise your window’s efficiency!

So do we use foam?  Yes, if needed!  But even more important for your project is to ensure that you start with the properly sized windows in the first place and then use only the best elastomeric sealant for installation.

Come to think of it, this describes a Custom Windows’ project quite well!