No. Generally our installers do your production measurements in a day or two and since we manufacture locally in Texas, this extra time can be easily made up. More importantly, there are obvious advantages to having our installers do your production measurements that would far outweigh any delay if it did exist:

First, a salesperson who is not installing will measure to be sure that anyone can slide the window in place. Also, if two openings appear to be the same, the same size is often used for each opening. This often results in undersized windows that can compromise energy efficiency because of larger gaps around the windows. And to hide the gaps, the installer often has to use fillers or extra caulk.

Instead, with a Custom Windows installation the same team who will be installing your windows do precise production measurements for each opening which ensures that we produce the best fit for every window on your home. Even if you have a number of windows that appear to be the same size, the brick or siding means that proper size for each window may vary. By starting with precise production measurements for each opening, if a proper fit requires windows that vary by just 1/8” in height or width, that is what Custom Windows produces.

Second, in the construction industry there is a saying of ‘measure twice, cut once.’ While a professional Custom Windows’ salesperson starts by taking measurements for quotation and also looks at your home for any unique issues they may see, having the installers do production measurements adds a second set of eyes to every project.

Third, by having the installers do production measurements, they see your home and the entire project before anything is ever started instead of the installers arriving for the first time when they begin tearing out your old windows!

And while it may seem a small thing, meeting the installation team before production even begins lets you know members of the crew that will actually be working in and around your home.