As the old adage states, “If it sounds too good to be true, it is!”

Every time we have looked into such ads, the reality starts with the fact that the window being advertised does not even meet Texas code for energy efficiency! So the first (of many) cost increases is to add Low-E glass so that the window can meet code. Even then, it may not meet the tax credit requirements, so upgrading to that glass package may be additional as well. Then if you want screens with that window, they are extra, too. And do you have aluminum windows currently, like most of Houston? Add even more for labor! Then the salesperson does the production measurements, so the first time the installers ever see your home is when they come to install your windows. And you could still wind up with single strength glass in the end!

We believe in doing things differently at Custom Windows. First, we know Texas Energy Code and will never ‘offer’ a window that cannot even meet code. And there are never hidden costs for things such as screens or removing your old aluminum windows. And if you or your contractor want to have us do the entire project, including installation, the same installers that will install your windows also do the original production measurements. And every Custom Windows’ product starts with at least double strength glass to insure durability.

Corners shouldn’t be cut just to reach an unrealistic advertised price.