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When Do You Need Replacement Windows?

Many homeowners aren’t really sure when, if ever, they need to invest in replacement windows for their Houston, TX homes. However, it’s not as hard as it may seem, because all you have to do is look out for warning signs like the following: High Energy Bills – Old, drafty windows can increase your energy [...]

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What Are Sliding Replacement Windows?

If you’re looking into replacement windows for your Sugar Land, TX home, sliding windows might be just what you’re looking for. These windows offer energy efficiency, user-friendly design and superior ventilation, making them great addition to any Texas house. Sliding windows, or gliding windows, are mad with sashes that move right or left in a [...]

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All About Vinyl Replacement Windows

Your grandparents or parents might have told you to stay away from vinyl windows, and they would be correct as long as they are talking about the vinyl windows of the past. Vinyl windows used to be cheaply made and unattractive. However, thanks to modern advances in technology and construction, vinyl windows are just as [...]

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