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Legal Requirements for Residential Windows

During home renovation of any kind, it’s important to know the local building codes and recommendations to keep your work legally compliant. This principle applies to everything you could possibly need to renovate or replace, including windows! What do you know about the legal requirements for your windows? Legal guidelines for replacement windows focus primarily [...]

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3 Elegant Window Designs for Different Home Aesthetics

As you look to upgrade your home with brand new, nice-looking features, windows may not be high on the priority list. But they’re just as important as any other new accessory. Aside from the added benefits of energy efficiency or sound reduction, the way your windows look can either contribute to your home’s overall aesthetic [...]

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Shutters or Blinds?

There are tons of different types of window treatment options available today for replacement windows in Houston, TX. From decorative shades and drapes to more functional blinds and shutters, how are you supposed to choose? Most homeowners are torn between shutters and blinds, and some don’t even know the difference. Both of these types of [...]

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Measuring For Shutters For Replacement Windows

Adding shutters to the replacement windows on your Sugar Land, TX home has tons of great benefits. From adding style and boosting your curb appeal, to increasing property value and lowering energy consumption, shutters are a great addition to any replacement window. If you’re thinking about shutters but are put off by the idea of [...]

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Frequently Asked Replacement Window Questions

If you’re looking into replacement windows for your Houston, TX home, you probably have a lot of questions. You’re not alone. Most homeowners have plenty of questions about replacement windows. This is a list of the most common ones: What’s the best kind of window frame? When shopping for replacement window frames you need to [...]

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