What You Need to Know About Friendswood, TX Window Replacement Types

What You Need to Know About Friendswood, TX Window Replacement Types

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Replacement Windows | 0 comments

Replacing your old single pane windows is one of the best ways that you can add value to your home. Indeed, new windows can add thousands of dollars to the value of a property, but there are a number of Friendswood, TX window replacement types for residents to choose from. The materials include wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. 

Vinyl windows are less expensive than other types of windows and are easy to maintain. Unlike other kinds of windows, they won’t bend, crack, or change in size in response to colder or warmer temperatures, which for Texas residents, who usually live in warm climates, matters a lot. Additionally, because of the way they’re manufactured, vinyl windows afford flexibility in decoration and ornamentation. They can be put anywhere and made in any color, including one which mimics wood. The big drawback to vinyl is that the material won’t last as long as fiberglass or aluminum. 

Wood windows are more expensive than vinyl, but ideal for homeowners who prefer a traditional, elegant look. They might peel to an extent that other materials won’t, but they’re durable, are easy to work with, and have an advantage in design flexibility. They’re also conducive to energy efficiency. 

In recent times, fiberglass windows have become popular. In contrast to two decades ago, homeowners can now adjust them according to the size and color of their fancy. Fiberglass windows are among the most durable windows. While vinyl deteriorates with age and wood can chip and peel, fiberglass windows will last. They’re also cost effective, as fiberglass windows are cheaper than wood and only about 25% more expensive than vinyl. Like vinyl, they’re also easy to maintain. The only thing you’ll have to do is clean them from time to time. Fiberglass windows are better temperature insulators than wood or aluminum, making them ideal for energy efficiency as well. 

Aluminum windows are among the most durable forms, lasting longer than other types. These windows need little maintenance because the material is strong. They can also be made into whatever color you wish. However, aluminum windows are easier to heat up or cool down than vinyl or fiberglass, making them less energy efficient. They also aren’t recommended for beach homes because the salt in the water and air can corrode the frames. 

While you now have a good idea about the general benefits and drawbacks of each window type, you should never select or install new windows without consulting experienced professionals. Should you have any questions about Friendswood, TX, window replacement, please contact Custom Windows of Texas. The owner, Michael Shoemaker, and the field sales manager, Todd Dimmitt, have nearly 30 years of experience between them in installing custom, efficient windows. They’ll answer any question you may have with speed and precision, and will help you to get started on finding and designing your ideal windows. You can reach them at (713) 864-2747. Custom Windows of Texas can be located at 1291 N Post Oak Rd #100 Houston, TX 77055.