Residential Window Code Requirements

Residential Window Code Requirements

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If you’re looking to replace your existing windows in your older home, you may face the common issue of your windows not meeting building code requirements such as egress requirements. Egress residential window codes are in place to allow escape from any bedroom directly outside in case of an emergency. Other building code requirements address safety issues, such as when and where tempered glass is required in the home. Choosing a well-rounded window company that knows all relevant building codes will help ensure your home and family’s safety, and avoid costly corrections if you try to sell your home with non-compliant windows.   

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Operable Egress Windows are also known to be Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings (EERO). An operable window or door leading directly outside must be accessible in every bedroom in the case of an emergency and must meet specific clear opening sizes as well. 

Home Safety

Some locations in the home such as some bathroom windows, staircase windows, and near doors require tempered glass windows for safety. The most common situations where tempered glass is required in the home are:

  • The window within 24 inches of a door must use tempered glass
  • Any window larger than 9 square feet and less than 18 inches off the floor must use tempered glass
  • Any window less than 60 inches from the floor of a bathtub or shower must use tempered glass
  • Any window on a staircase landing or within 60 inches of a landing or staircase tread in any direction must use tempered glass

Required Egress

Egress requirements state that there must be an operable window or door in every bedroom that leads directly outside in case of emergencies. You can achieve this by installing windows and doors that meet the clear opening size requirements. The minimum dimensions to meet Egress requirements include:

  • The unobstructed opening must be a minimum of 20 inches wide and 24 inches high, though one or both dimensions will need to be greater than this
  • The clear opening must be a minimum of 5.7 square feet
  • The window sill can be a maximum of 44 inches above the floor

Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

The window code governing installation was designed to help homeowners find the safest, most energy-efficient windows on the market. A trained and experienced company, such as the team at Custom Windows of Texas, has these rules in mind to eliminate any guesswork so that you can focus on customizing your home. By keeping your windows compliant with local regulations, you’re providing your family with a safe environment and energy-efficient windows guaranteed. 

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