Keep Things Peaceful at Home With Noise Reducing Windows

Keep Things Peaceful at Home With Noise Reducing Windows

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If you’re looking for a peaceful home away from neighborhood noise, the first place to start is with noise-reducing windows. New windows not only maintain a peaceful atmosphere but provide other great benefits like energy efficiency. The unwanted noise from outside of your home can instantly be diminished by noise reduction windows and doors.

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Noise from outside your home can affect the quality of your sleep and disrupt at-home meetings. At Custom Windows, we have a wide variety of sound blocking solutions for your home. Let’s take a look at how noise-canceling windows work in replacements and new construction. There are also many additional benefits of noise reduction windows to note!

Understanding Your Noise Blocking Windows 

The amount of blocked sound depends on the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating system. Custom Windows of Texas’ sound reduction windows score between 33–46 on the scale, much higher than the 21–22 typical of most single-pane or wooden frame windows. 

  • Single Pane windows – usually 21 – 22 dB
  • Normal dual pane windows – generally from 27 – 29 dB, so standard dual pane windows will noticeably reduce the noise level that single pane windows allow

But what if you want to eke out more performance?

  • Offset glass thickness dual pane windows will improve the STC rating to around 32 – 33 dB. Importantly, using the offset glass method can help improve the performance without adding a significant amount of cost. Offset means that the outer pane glass thickness is different than the inner pane thickness. Usually, they are the same thickness but for technical reasons, but offsetting the thickness helps reduce the sound with minimal cost difference.
  • Laminate glass windows will improve the STC to 34 – 35 dB and they do a better job at reducing bass rumble as a truck or bus generates than regular glass. But, in comparison to the offset glass strategy, using laminate glass for the inboard pane adds tremendously to the cost. Where the offset glass adds a good performance improvement for a minimal cost difference, laminate will add additional incremental improvement at a higher cost.
  • Specialty window products may be required if you are near an airport or freeway, and need the best sound-reducing windows. These custom windows achieve STC ratings of at least 40 dB and can go as high as 50 dB. These are constructed as virtually two separate windows in one frame, so they are entirely different than a standard dual pane.

Other Beautiful Benefits of Replacing Windows

Replacing your windows with new and improved energy efficiency means you automatically receive the benefit of noise reduction. But you do have options to improve noise reduction future – just call and Custom Windows can help find the right solution for your needs!

Aside from providing a quiet environment, your replacement noise reduction windows provide the same or even greater energy efficiency than our already Energy Star rated windows, so adding noise reduction will not compromise the efficiency or style of your new windows.

Noise Reduction Solutions for Your Home

There are many levels and types of solutions that can help reduce the sound level from outside. The noise-reducing types of windows come in dual-pane, offset dual-pane, dual-pane with laminate glass for one of the panes are all available in aluminum, vinyl, composite, and clad wood windows. Choose from top noise reducing window brands at Custom Windows of Texas:

  • Amsco
  • American Window Systems
  • Andersen
  • MI Windows & Doors
  • NT Window
  • Sierra Pacific
  • Wincore

Enjoy Peace and Quiet Today!

Now that you know the ins and outs of noise reduction windows, get in touch with our team to start your window replacement process on your home. Enjoy a peaceful home that you feel safe in by working with Custom Windows of Texas. 

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