Home Improvement: Choosing the Perfect Windows

Home Improvement: Choosing the Perfect Windows

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Windows are an important part of any home. Windows are the primary way to allow natural light to illuminate your home inside, but they are also a critical part of the curb appeal that is visible to everyone. So, why settle for a less than perfect window for your home?

Whether you need replacement windows or you’re building a brand new home, you probably have a few factors in mind that are important to you. But there may be other factors that you have not considered. Beyond affordability, how long will the windows last? How well do different frame materials stand up to Houston’s weather? And how will the window’s color and design work with the home’s overall aesthetic? Here are just some of the things to consider as you shop for new windows.

Windows are an important part of any home renovation or construction project. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you hunt for the perfect set of windows. #CustomWindowsTX #homedesign Click To Tweet

Weather Resistance

Houstonians live with weather extremes from our hot, humid summers to thunderstorms and the occasional hurricane. Windows are a key component of keeping our weather at bay and Custom Windows can show you the differences that choosing the right frame material and glass package can do to tame our weather. This includes hurricane impact windows that are designed to stand up to high winds, heavy rain and flying debris without letting the elements into your home.

Energy Efficiency

A constantly changing climate like Houston’s requires constant runs to the thermostat. And as the weather fluctuates, homeowners might wonder how their energy bill will fluctuate with it. If their climate-controlled air escapes, will the thermostat struggle to keep up? Fortunately, energy-efficient windows are designed to help reduce that worry. Our Houston-based experts know exactly what kind of windows work best in our climate and will help you find the most efficient windows for your home. And remember–all of Custom Windows’ Houston products are Energy Star rated!

Pro Tip: Homes lose up to 25-30% of generated energy through windows and doors. Replacing old single pane product with modern energy-efficient windows will save you money on your energy costs!


Every homeowner has preferences for their home, whether it be for comfort or for appearances. Windows certainly come in a wide variety of colors or designs to suit any home aesthetic. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a classic wood window frame, we can help you find the perfect style for your home. Choose from a variety of colored or patterned glass for an even more personalized window! Visit our showroom to see what we can offer you.

Other Factors to Consider

Modern windows improve the quietness of your home, and if noise is a critical concern for you, we certainly have a number of ways to help. But there are more immediately important things to consider first. Have you researched local safety regulations for your window installation project? If your old windows were installed after 1978, you likely don’t have to worry about hazardous lead paint. However, you must know and adhere to all regulations dictating how far off the ground your windows must be, their size, whether or not they’re tempered, and more. Take the time to educate yourself on your legal responsibilities to keep your home up to code.

Enjoy Your New Windows!

Windows are designed to last a long time as part of your home. Consequently, it pays to find the most cost-effective and reliable windows on the market. After all, you’ll have them for the foreseeable future! Let us help you bring your home up to speed with a set of brand new windows tailored to your exact needs.

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