4 Eye-Catching Blinds for Your New Windows

4 Eye-Catching Blinds for Your New Windows

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Replacement Windows, Window Decor | 0 comments

Newly installed windows add an upgraded look to your home, but they won’t make your house feel complete on their own. Uncovered windows can look “unfinished” in a way. And of course, who wants to give strangers the chance to see into their house? Finding a functional but visually appealing set of window treatments goes a long way toward customizing your home.

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Elegant Window Treatment Ideas

Curtains and valances ensure that your windows look beautiful and complement your home’s interior. However, not all curtains are designed to offer privacy or block out bright sunlight. That’s where blinds come in. While blinds aren’t always a perfect solution, they do provide privacy and protection that curtains usually can’t match. And you can still easily customize your blinds! A few popular blinds designs include:

  1. Fabric roller shades
  2. Woven roller shades
  3. Wooden blinds
  4. Faux wood blinds

1) Fabric Roller Shades

A fabric roller shade consists of a patterned or solid piece of material that retracts into a tight roll when not in use. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, this style may also function as blackout curtains. Different colors and patterns can add a pop of color to an otherwise dull room or complement your existing decorative scheme.

Pro Tip: Fabric roller shades, also known as Roman shades, come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit any window in your home.

2) Woven Roller Shades

Designed similarly to fabric rollers, woven rolling shades are made of loosely woven material to let in more sunlight while still providing a degree of privacy. These shades are often made of woven bamboo or wood fibers, giving the room a rustic look. Country-themed kitchens especially work well with woven wood shades.

3) Wooden Blinds

The standard blinds design of white plastic strips still holds up, but why not give it a facelift by using colorful wood instead of cheap plastic? Smoothly polished, painted, or slightly distressed wooden blinds offer a more sophisticated take on this common style. Their durable materials also ensure they last far longer than cheap blinds. Just make sure these blinds don’t go in a room where they can get wet.

4) Faux Wood Blinds

Want the look of wooden blinds in your kitchen or bathroom but don’t want to worry about water-damaged wood? High-quality plastic can be treated to look almost exactly like elegant wood, with far more durable results. Cleanup is easy–just wipe them with a damp cloth! These window coverings give you all the same decoration with fewer issues.

Completing Your Window Designs

No new set of windows is complete without a decorative touch. Why not make your windows uniquely yours with window treatments that both elevate your home and provide the privacy you need? With a set of high-quality blinds, you can’t go wrong!

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