Become a Part of the Custom Windows Online Community!

Become a Part of the Custom Windows Online Community!

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Press Release | 0 comments

Custom Windows of Texas invites you to join our extended community. This is your opportunity to connect with us as we offer you extra snippets of our knowledge, experience, and expertise in the form of daily articles, videos, and other information. Here’s a glance at what you can expect from our newly revamped blog.

We’re revising our blog strategy! Here’s what’s new and what you can expect as we continue publishing great content for our clients. #CustomWindowsTX Click To Tweet

Bringing You Value with Every Post
We spend most of our time taking care of our valued clients like you and don’t always have the opportunity to dig a little deeper into conversation. Our blog is that opportunity. You will find original content covering a wide range of topics and information useful and interesting for you. Our upcoming articles will fall into one of the following categories:

1) Useful tips, strategies, and information.
At Custom Windows, we strive to provide you with useful information for installing and maintaining your new windows. Accordingly, the bulk of our content will fall into this category. Here we will cover a broad range of topics, giving you the benefit of our expertise and valuable experience. Articles in this category are designed to address topics you may have questions about, will find interesting, or important things you may not have yet encountered. This is your opportunity to stay informed.

Pro Tip: Have a question about your new windows? Chances are that our blog has the answer! Check back periodically for updates.

2) Industry updates
Every once in a while, there may be changes, advancements, or other updates specific to our industry. We want to keep our clients in the know! These articles will be designed to give you a breakdown of what’s happening and what it means for you. They will be less frequent, but full of important information.

3) Company news
Sometimes our company will work on implementing changes or improvements to better serve our client base. When this happens, we’ll keep you informed through our blog. These posts will keep you aware of our growth and progress and how it will benefit you, as well as give you an inside look at our company values and culture. We won’t post them as often, but they will help you stay connected.

Join the Conversation
In addition to our original articles, we also share a wealth of other information and videos of interest from various sources on our social media. Connect with us on Facebook to receive invaluable information and updates for you and your friends and family. Join the conversation today!

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