If you live in a particularly noisy neighborhood, you’ve probably been searching for ways to keep that noise from disturbing your home too significantly. After all, who wants to hear the loud sounds of trucks or trains right outside your front door? Fortunately, homeowners have an excellent choice at their disposal to keep sound at bay: noise reduction windows.

With a combination of special glass packages and unique design, our noise-reducing windows allow your home to be quieter and more peaceful. Looking for the best soundproofing options for your home? Here’s a brief overview of our specialized windows to keep the noises of the outside world outside your home!

Tests and customer testimonials alike have shown that our windows will indeed help with your noise problem! We’ve measured our windows with the STC rating system, which tells us how many decibels certain building materials will block or absorb. Significant noise reduction is marked by a particularly high STC number. Our noise-reducing windows score between 33 – 46 on the STC scale, well above the 21–22 typical of most single-pane windows.

Pro Tip: How loud does your neighborhood tend to get? Try using a sound map or decibel measurer to determine how effective your noise-blocking windows need to be.

Misconceptions About Noise Blocking Windows

You may have heard that a triple pane window is the most effective type of window when it comes to blocking sound. In many cases, the opposite may actually be true. A significant contributing factor to reducing sound is placing the right amount of space between the panes of a window. A triple-pane window makes that space smaller and allows more sound in than the larger gap in a double-pane window.

Another common misunderstanding involves the presence of argon gas in the space between sound-blocking window panes. Contrary to popular belief, argon gas does not block noise at all. It’s used in double-paned windows to provide better insulation. It’s certainly a good addition to any window, but it does nothing for sound reduction.

Effective Solutions for Reducing Noise

We offer several different types of windows optimized to reduce outside sound as much as possible. Our team of experts can help you determine which of these options best suit your needs and budget:

  • Dual pane windows: Changing to modern dual pane windows from older single-pane windows provides a good reduction in outside noise.
  • STC-Offset Glass: Using different thicknesses of glass for each pane improves noise reduction further.
  • Laminate glass: Changing one of the panes to a special laminate glass pane and reduces noise further, especially low-frequency sounds.
  • Specialized windows: Milgard’s Quietline windows, with noise reduction nearly equivalent to that of a brick wall.

Enjoy Your Quiet Home!

Nobody enjoys hearing loud sounds constantly from the outdoors. Thankfully, with noise-absorbing windows, you don’t have to. Switch your windows today and hear the difference!

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