When to Consider Impact Windows & Doors for Your Home

When to Consider Impact Windows & Doors for Your Home

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Impact Windows & Doors | 0 comments

While it may seem early – after all, it is only the start of Spring – NOAA is close to moving up the start of the official hurricane season from June 1st to May 15th. With production times for impact products being longer than traditional windows or doors, starting now will help prepare your home when hurricane season is in full swing.

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Last year set a record by having 30 named storms, 12 of which were hurricanes that made landfall along the US coast. If you live in a coastal area that requires hurricane windows, you may be interested in the benefits that come with them. Let’s take a look at how impact windows and doors work to protect your home and for home improvement purposes: 

Preparing for Hurricane Season

What makes a trustworthy hurricane window? They’re made from impact-rated laminated glass sealed into a reinforced frame that has been tested to meet impact, wind, and water pressure requirements. Compared to standard glass windows that are made out of traditional float glass which will break into large, sharp shards upon impact, impact window glass may crack but will not expose your home to wind and water. 

Investing in High-Quality Windows

Hurricane windows cost more than traditional windows because of the way they are built. Why should you invest in impact windows to cover a potential but unlikely risk, especially if you don’t live in a coastal area that requires them?

Due to the laminate glass and additional reinforcement in the frames, impact windows also deliver superior protection against break-ins and burglary. Laminate glass and the extra reinforcement will thwart all but the most determined burglar.

Benefits of Impact Windows & Doors

The laminate glass also provides better noise reduction than standard glass, especially from rumbling noise from nearby buses or trucks, so your home will be quieter. Compared to a normal dual pane window, an impact window will reduce noise by an additional 5 – 7 dB. Another benefit of laminate glass is that it blocks out 99% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays, which cause fading in furniture, floors, and drapes.

Reliable Hurricane Protection for Your Home

Impact-resistant windows and doors are beneficial for homes in high-risk areas. If you’re looking for energy efficiency and protection for your home and family, consider impact windows and doors in your next home improvement project. 

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