3 Home Improvement Goals to Set for 2020

3 Home Improvement Goals to Set for 2020

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Holidays, News & Events | 0 comments

2020 is finally here! As you go over your list of new year’s resolutions and plans, why not see what improvements you can make to your home? Older or energy-inefficient windows might need replacing. Or maybe it’s just time to make your house look nicer. Take a look around and see what you can improve!

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Add Curb Appeal
Whether you are looking for specialty glass for a bathroom window, patterned glass including Crystal Groove glass that sets your home apart from the crowd or are looking for special colors that enhance the beauty of your home, there are many ways that simple changes can dramatically improve your home’s resale value. Check out our gallery for inspiration!

Pro Tip: Frosted glass is a very common pattern. Why not try more unique etchings or designs for your bathroom windows?

Reduce Maintenance Costs
Do your windows and doors have wood rot or they are chipping and fading? Modern windows and doors, whether vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass or clad wood, are all designed with the latest materials and are designed to last years with minimal maintenance.

Consult with a Home Design Expert
You might have a vision for how you’d like your renovated home to look and just need someone to help make it a reality. Alternatively, maybe you know you want a change, but aren’t sure what the end result should be. Whatever the case, our expert team of designers can help you out! Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation and start planning your newly renovated home.

The new year is a time for self-improvement and looking to the future. Your list probably already includes several big goals for yourself and your home. Why not add a new set of windows to that list? Start the new year off right with elegant, energy-efficient windows!

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