Choosing an Excellent Glass Door in Houston

Choosing an Excellent Glass Door in Houston

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Windows aren’t the only thing to consider during a home renovation project. Do any of your doors need replacing? Are you just bored with doors or walls that block too much natural light form your home’s interior?

Replacing a standard door or wall with a glass door or a moving glass wall gives your home a more open feel and allows in a great deal of natural light. Plus, you can match your new doors to your new or current set of windows for a truly seamless look! Find your new door style below.

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French Doors

French doors give you access to the outdoors without sacrificing aesthetics. Choose from a variety of elegant styles and colors to match your existing windows or create an entirely new look. Don’t worry about security either–each of our door models comes with at least a three-point locking system, ensuring no one will get in without your permission.

Sliding Patio Doors

If you’re concerned about saving space or creating a nice look for your patio entrance, a sliding patio door may be the best choice for you. Not only will you get the open-air feel of a glass door, but you’ll also never have to worry about the door becoming hard to handle. Our specialized sliding tracks keep your doors smooth for years. Plus, if you live in an area prone to storms, you can opt for specialized impact glass to keep our home safe.

Pro Tip: We offer storm-proof glass for virtually every model of window or door we sell! Protect your home from rain or debris in severe weather.

Moving Glass Walls

Finally, why settle for just a door when you can open up an entire wall? Moving glass walls allow you to replace an entire wall with glass panels, giving you excellent outdoor access and a significant amount of natural light. You can open the wall partially or slide the panels entirely out of your way to enjoy a beautiful day.

Renovating Your Home

Whether you need a new door or just want something different, Custom Windows can help you out! Find your new favorite home feature and get started on your home renovation project.

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