7 Popular Window Designs for the Modern Home

7 Popular Window Designs for the Modern Home

Sooner or later, your home is going to need new windows. Considering the advancements in energy efficiency and the importance of maintaining your home’s value, it makes sense to explore window options to keep your home updated and performing efficiently. But with all the options available, which is the best for your home?

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What are some popular window styles for the modern Texas home?

With a variety of modern window styles out there to satisfy even the most discerning aesthetics, here’s a brief rundown of options for your home:

1) Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are a classic option that looks great in any space. Open and close single-hung windows by raising or lowering the bottom half of the window while the top sash remains fixed. These types of windows are energy efficient and suitable for any room.

2) Double Hung Windows

With the same look as single-hung windows, double-hung windows offer the advantage of sliding open the bottom sash or the top sash. This versatility comes in handy for child and pet-proofing, and they’re also easier to clean than single-hung windows. 

3) Casement Windows

If it’s fresh air you’re after, casement windows may be an option for your home. This window style is vertically hinged on either the right or left side, allowing you to fully crank the entire window open outward. Casement windows are a highly preferred option for ventilation and energy efficiency, creating a clean appearance since no horizontal or vertical lock rail obstructs the view.

4) Awning Windows

This window style is also hinged but horizontally across the top of the sash. They’re also operated by a crank, allowing you to open the window outwardly from the frame.

5) Bay & Bow Windows

Want to enjoy the scenery outside? Expand your view of the outdoors with a classic bay window. This style features a series of picture windows installed to create a sort of window “nook” inside your home. However, bow windows add even more versatility to your home. Similar to bay windows, this style features three or more connected windows. Bow windows are different because more windows are used to create a rounded living space inside the room. This design is popular in breakfast nooks and adds a gorgeous focal point to the exterior of your home. 

6) Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open by sliding to one side on a track. They’re an excellent alternative to casement windows if opening outwards isn’t practical while letting in plenty of natural light. Slider windows are also more affordable, making them one of the most popular bedroom window styles to meet egress codes. 

7) Picture Windows

Picture windows create the most significant open space possible for the most view. Some areas can be combined with operating windows to create a large window group with ventilation and maximum exposure.

Professional Window Design and Installation for Your Home

With so many options for your home’s windows, choosing the perfect design for your home can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Our team of designers and experienced window installation experts are here to guide you through the process, from style selection to the finishing touches. 

Beautiful and functional new windows are the upgrade you and your home deserve. Call us now to get started! 

Impress Your Guests With A Sliding Glass Wall System

Impress Your Guests With A Sliding Glass Wall System

Create a stunning entertaining space perfect for any gathering with sliding glass wall systems. More homeowners than ever are trading their traditional patio doors for this jaw-dropping feature in their living, dining, and entertaining spaces – for a good reason. 

These aren’t your regular sliding glass doors; movable glass wall systems create seamless indoor/outdoor spaces that bring convenience and comfort outside while inviting the beauty of nature in! Whether your goal is to extend your entertaining reach, bring in more light, or connect with nature from the comfort of your couch, a sliding glass wall system is the must-have upgrade for your modern living space.

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Glass Wall Panel Styles & Designs

Glass wall systems operate differently, and there are a few options to consider when choosing the right glass panels for your home:

  • Fixed: Can work in combination with a moving glass wall or a separate French door.
  • Stacking & Pocket: Works by sliding the window panels beneath a fixed panel (or inside a pocket in the wall), saving valuable living space 
  • Bi-fold: Multiple configurations where all panels can stack to one side, one panel on one side, and the others stack to the other side, or the panels open in the middle and stack to either side. 
  • Lift-N-Slide: Panels can slide open on tracks or be dropped down into a fixed mode for security and weather protection

Fixed Glass Walls vs. Moving Glass Wall Panels

Are you deciding between fixed glass walls or moving glass panels? Moving panels offer all of the aesthetically pleasing room-brightening benefits of fixed glass panels but with the versatility of opening your indoor space up to the outdoors. Fixed panels are the more affordable option and will elevate the atmosphere of any room, but moving glass panels create an extension of your current living space. Ask our experts to help you decide which option is best for your home and lifestyle. 

Benefits of Sliding Glass Walls

Investing in a sliding glass wall system adds a modern upgrade to your home, transforming the look of your interior and exterior spaces and adding versatility to your entertaining. By adding moving glass walls to your area, you will: 

  • Transform the feel of your room by letting in abundant light
  • Connect with family and friends by eliminating divisions between your entertaining spaces
  • Enjoy the scenery while in the comfort of indoors, no matter the weather
  • Invest in a timeless and valuable addition to your home’s value
  • Make your living space look and feel bigger
  • Lower your energy bills

Professionally Installing Sliding Glass Wall Systems

Are you thinking of adding moving glass walls as your next home upgrade? Our team of professionals is ready to help you design, plan, and install your sliding glass door wall system. Call us now to book your free consultation!

Enhance Your Home’s Entry Door Privacy with These Ideas

Enhance Your Home’s Entry Door Privacy with These Ideas

If you’re looking for entry door privacy for your home, the good news is that there are several ways to add security. Custom glass for exterior doors adds privacy to your home and energy efficiency. However, there are ways to enhance your home’s privacy with minor alterations that don’t require professional installation. 

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Is your home’s entryway door leaving your family feeling exposed? Consider choosing a custom glass installation expert to discuss obscured and stained glass options for your door and window replacement. Or, you can add your additional privacy with things like curtains and glass paint or film. 

Curtains or Blinds

Using curtains to block your home’s entryway door and windows is one of the easier ways to add more privacy. They’re easy to install and come in various styles for you to choose from. Privacy blinds can also be fitted to your front entry door to allow natural light into your home during the day. 

Obscured or Stained Glass

Another way to add privacy to your doors and windows as a homeowner is to invest in professional obscured glass installation. These types of privacy glass for your front door can have a frosted glass look or stained glass windows style. A custom glass installation expert can help you find the right glass, custom fit, and materials for your home. 

ProVia’s Inspirations Custom Art Glass windows and doors are an excellent choice for adding privacy with your glass style and unique design.

Privacy Film or Glass Paint

Suppose you want the same curb appeal enhancing effect. In that case, you can install frosted window film to cover glass doors. Glass paint, which blocks harmful UV rays while allowing sunlight in, and etching cream are some other ways to get a window covering effect without installing a different glass to the doorway or window. 

Adding Privacy to Your Home’s Entry Door 

If you’re unsure how to add privacy to your entry door, get in touch with our Custom Windows of Texas team to discuss your options. Choosing a professional door and window design will ensure you get the privacy you need in a style you love. 

Join the conversation to learn more about adding privacy to your doors and windows. 

Window Replacement Terms and Their Meanings

Window Replacement Terms and Their Meanings

If you’re replacing a window or door in your home for something more suited to your style, it’s important to know the specifics of what you’re looking for. This is why knowing window replacement terms and their meanings can help you when working with a window replacement expert.

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How many window replacement terms do you know as a homeowner? Whether you’re installing a new window or door for energy efficiency or aesthetic preferences, you should see the window terminology, energy efficiency terms, and replacement door terms before settling on your decision. 

Window Replacement Terms

Single Glazing – A window with a singular pane of glass. 

Double Glazing – A window with two panes of glass separated by a gas-filled space, usually argon or krypton, for energy efficiency.

Triple Glazing – A window with three panes of glass, separated by a gas-filled space. These are typically used in colder climates for comfort in the home.

Head – The uppermost part of the window above the frame; comes in many decorative styles.

Jamb – The main inner structure of the window which sits inside the frame.

Frame – The outermost part of the window which holds the glass, made from materials such as aluminum, vinyl, clad wood, or composite.

Panes – The glass that sits inside the frame, allowing light to pass through and providing protection from extreme weather.

Sill – The lowest part of the window, underneath the frame. The window sill can be used for placing objects on.

Muntin Bars – Used in the past to hold multiple panes of glass together while keeping them separate. Nowadays used as a decorative option to give the illusion of multiple panes.

Sash – Movable panel within a single or double-hung window which holds one or more panes of glass.

Single Hung Window – A window with only a single sash that moves in either an up and down or tilting motion.

Double Hung Window – A window with two sashes, both of which move in either a tilting or up and down motion.

Bow Windows – Window set up using multiple single casement windows, similar to curved bay windows but forming a semi-circle.

Bay Windows – Window installed in an angled configuration with one casement window on the left, one on the right, and one or more in the middle. 

Awning Windows – A window that sways outwards from the frame with hinges just below the window head.

Fixed Frame Windows – A window with a single fixed frame and no opening portion.

Sliding Windows – A window that slides open from one side to the other on a set of rails. 

Energy Efficiency Terms

U-Factor – measures the heat transfer rate, giving you the window insulation.

Window R Value – rates the thermal resistance of the window (its ability to hold in heat).

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) – measures the amount of solar energy transmitted through the window.

Visible Transmittance (VT) – measures the amount of light allowed through the window.
Air Leakage (AL) – measures the rate at which air passes through the window joints and gaps.

Condensation Resistance – measures the window’s resistance to water build-up.

Replacement Door Terms

Door Panel – Holds in the glass and opens/closes on hinges. 

Door Frame – Part of the door which attaches to the wall. 

Sill – Part where the door meets the floor.

Multi-Point Locking System – Locks on multiple places of the door other than just the handle for added security.

French Door – Not always just a swinging door style; French doors have a wider vertical stile and taller rails at the top and bottom.

Decoding the Many Terms for Window & Door Replacement

Now that you have a better understanding of window replacement terms and door replacement terminology, you can rest assured that your new window or door installation will be exactly what you need for your home. Our expert team at Custom Windows of Texas will be happy to discuss these window terms with you to find the best fit!

Get in touch with us to learn more about window replacement terminology.

Visible Transmittance in Windows Explained

Visible Transmittance in Windows Explained

Visible transmittance is one of these important ratings which lets you know how much natural light will pass through the window. Searching for replacement windows means finding the most energy-efficient option to save money and stay comfortable in your home. While VT isn’t completely geared towards energy savings, it’s still an important component when it comes to finding the right window for the job.

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Homeowners need to take into consideration different ratings of windows to get the best option as far as energy efficiency and preventing harmful rays. Visible transmittance is one of these important ratings which measures the amount of light that comes in. Let’s take a look at what visible transmittance is, how it’s rated, and its’ importance when searching for replacement windows:

What Visible Transmittance Is

Visible transmittance or VT rating is the measure of how much visible light travels through your window into your home. A window’s visible transmittance is ranked by the National Fenestration Rating Council. It only rates the amount of light passing through your window, not its’ energy efficiency, which would be a separate rating.

How Visible Transmittance is Rated

There are many factors that go into rating a window’s visible light transmittance. VT is measured as a percentage of the amount of light that passes through the window. It is not just the measurement of light through the glass, but includes things such as frames, sash and grids that can decrease visible transmission. Even the amount of panes on the window and the type of glass can affect the VT.

The Importance of Visible Transmittance

Homeowners and builders should know the importance of VT because it goes hand in hand with understanding other window energy ratings when choosing your windows. Many homeowners want the maximum amount of natural light without sacrificing efficiency, so selecting the right glass and window style becomes very important. The wrong Low-e, for example, may provide high VT ratings but also allow more heat and damaging UV rays into the home at the same time.

Likewise, seeking a window with a lower visible transmittance may be desired to tame rooms where the afternoon sun is most intense. A lower VT can be achieved in a number of ways without sacrificing window efficiency. Custom Windows always recommends windows that deliver the highest energy efficiency and can work with you to deliver the VT that is right for your home. The most common and most recommended solution is combining windows that deliver both high efficiency and high Visible Transmission because allowing more natural light into the home also means that you will not only use less energy from your air conditioning system but also from needing to use lights for fewer hours each day.

Installing Windows with the Right VT for Your Home

Now that you understand the visible transmittance rating of windows, you can speak with your trusted window design and installation expert to find the best window to suit your needs. Our team at Custom Windows of Texas is knowledgeable in all aspects of window ratings and energy efficiency for your home. If you’re interested in replacement windows or finding the right windows for new construction, get in touch with us to discuss your options and find the best fit.

Get connected to learn more about VT and other window ratings!