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Aluminum Storm Windows

Aluminum Storm WindowsThink a storm window is only for extra protection against storms? Think again! Yes, a storm window can become the first line of defense against flying debris in a strong storm, but here are just a few of the additional benefits of a Custom Window’s storm window:

  • Noise Control - Adding a storm window is the most effective and cost efficient way to significantly reduce the sounds of the outside world from intruding into your home.
  • Stop Air and Water Leaks – can you feel a draft through the glass of your older windows? Are you constantly dusting because dirt and pollen slip through the gaps in your windows? A storm window dramatically reduces air leakage and virtually stops water from infiltrating through weaknesses in your existing windows.
  • Condensation – Do your windows cover with condensation most humid summer mornings? A storm window creates an insulating air-gap that significantly reduces the condensation that is so common during Houston’s summer.
  • Energy Efficiency – while not as efficient as our modern double pane windows, a storm window does have a very positive effect on reducing energy costs and improving comfort in the home.
  • Protection and Security – by using laminated glass or a polycarbonate, we can create storm windows that are extremely difficult for a would-be-burglar or an errant golf ball to break! And a fixed storm window is a great way to invisibly protect older leaded or stained glass!

So the simple storm window can do so much more for your home than just protect against storms, and it does so very affordably! Custom Windows has been making aluminum storm windows for decades, using our own extrusions to create a fixed storm window, a two track single hung or sliding storm window and even a three track, double hung, dual slider that allows you to use a full solar screen in the third track for even greater efficiency!

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